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Hello Darkness…

So... it’s been a while since I wrote here. Partially because I have been fighting my demons and partially because I have been sticking my head in the sand. Therapy has been ultimately fine, although it does leave me with a hollowness and a realisation on how little some things matter. Some feel that the... Continue Reading →

The Irreversible Truth

It has been a while since I posted on here, as frankly I have been stuck in my own head. I am finding therapy quite hard, even though I think I am making some progress, even if it is that the walls are gradually breaking down. Recently I watched a film called "Irreversible", which you... Continue Reading →

I am…

Scott... my CBT therapist, sent me a series of audio files which are called "Talk with music". It is a psychologist called Melanie, talking through some activities to help confront anxiety and how to approach them differently. I can be really easy to say... my anxiety is making me feel like I am not good... Continue Reading →

Why CBT?

For a very long time I thought I was coping. My parents are now elderly and my father is on at home dialysis, my mother is in remission from cancer. I do a lot of running around for them, especially as you can imagine during COVID. My work is highly pressurised, but that is what... Continue Reading →

Anxiety Girl!

Before I explain why I decided to go down the CBT root, I thought it would be helpful to mention in passing how I got here. There are some triggers in this, although I haven't gone into great detail... this is just light touch. It's a fairly long and laborious story so I will give... Continue Reading →

Who’s behind the typing?

Over my time I have read many websites and books and spoken to many people who suffer from anxiety and depression along with the plethora of "gifts" mental health likes to bestow on people. What I do know is that it is different for everyone, therefore how I experience things and cope with them is... Continue Reading →

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